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AgriQuip Ambulance Lift Half Cab

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AgriQuip Ambulance Lift Half Cab

All AGRIQUIP ambulance lift comply with:

• Basic requirements for aircraft handling equipment IATA AHM910
• Basic safety requirements for aircraft loading equipment IATA AHM913
• Standard controls I A TA AHM915

Parts Availability and After Sales Support
Spare parts are available for a period of minimum 15 years. The complete vehicle is covered by 12 months
warranty against all manufacturing defects.

General Specification
The AGRIQUIP ambulance lift is a very versatile system for transferring disable passenger
into and out of the main deck of all common aircraft types, from 2600mm to 5800mm door sill height.
The cabin system can be installed on all common truck chassis according to the user preferences.The
common truck chassis being used is ISUZU.

Standard Accessories
Towing eye front and rear include towing bar,2 wheel chocks inclusive supports, 1 spare wheel complete
with support, tools kit and hydraulic jack.

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